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From Our Family to Yours

Behind the scenes with our CFG team

Time Advice Update

September 2022 marked the twelve month anniversary from acquiring Time Advice Pty Ltd. We have now successfully completed the business transition by officially merging the advice businesses together into Cranage Private Wealth (remaining under CFG Advice Pty Ltd AFSL).  This has been an exciting chapter in the CFG history book.  Please note this is a ‘behind the scenes’ transition, and there will be no impact to you as a valued client, as your advice team will remain the same.

Congratulations to Andy Gowers who is entering an exciting new career and life chapter as the Hawthorn President.

Professional Development AZ NGA

Congratulations to Senior Associate, Rex Jelbart, who has been nominated to represent our firm at AZ NGA’s Future Leaders program.  This course is in place to give one team member the opportunity to expand their skill set through a series of tailored courses and programs. Predominantly run by Alan Parker, this course is designed to enhance and nurture the skills that someone needs to be a leader, with the focus on how to act as a leader within a streamlined team - and how to get the most out of individuals, for best business outcomes.

A new addition to the CFG family! 

The CFG baby boom continues with another exciting birth announcement from Private Wealth Adviser, Jeremy Beaumont.  Jeremy, his wife Melanie, and daughter Lulu welcomed Harry Phoenix Beaumont into the world on Tuesday 6th of December.  They are overjoyed and settling into life as a family of four. 

Advisers Messages

CFG Cyber Security and confidence in our Vault

With an increased focus on Cyber Security, Cranage has been busy implementing several changes to ensure our data is secure.  We have recently completed a thorough assessment of our IT systems (external audited) and are pleased to inform you that the systems we have implemented have helped Cranage achieve the Federal Governments Essential Eight Maturity model (Australian Cyber Security Centre -

In addition to tightening our systems, we are constantly reviewing and updating internal processes to further enhance data security, and we remain diligent and dependent on the industry in terms of best practise for data collection - which is minimal.

For those interested, here are the details of the key security items we now have in place at CFG:

  • Our staff cannot access our systems without Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Our PC/Laptops are encrypted, and only registered Cranage devices can access our systems
  • Access to our systems is restricted to specific location – preventing international hackers
  • All data is encrypted whilst in transit and at rest (within our systems)

We would like you to be confident that your personal data is safe and secure with us and want you to know that we have taken all the necessary steps to keep your information in our Vault.  Please refer to our recently updated Privacy Policy for further details on how we treat your personal information.

Steps you can take to protect your personal data at home:

  • Use Multi Factor authentication where possible
  • Use unique and/or different password for all your sites and social media accounts.
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • If you have doubts about an email, do not click on or download anything.  A financial institution is highly unlikely to ask you to provide your credentials over email
  • Do not provide any personal data via email ie TFN’s, Drivers Licence, bank details, corporate keys etc
  • Do not save any personal data to your desktop. Instead use a secure platform like drobox or SharePoint

Be aware that Phishing messages or content may:

  • Impersonate a reputable organization, like your bank, a social media site you use, or your workplace.
  • Impersonate someone you know, like a family member, friend, or co-worker.
  • Look exactly like a message from an organization or person you trust. 

RBA decisions got you thinking about refinancing?

With the RBA delivering the gift no mortgage holder wanted: a ninth consecutive increase to the official cash rate.

For those borrowers on a variable rate, or a fixed rate due to expire soon, there is no better time to look at how you can reduce you borrowing costs.

If you haven't already done so, speak to your bank or contact your Adviser who can connect you through to our lending team, who have achieved great results for many clients so far this year.

Put it on the goal list for 2023 or do it now and call your Adviser or our Mortgage Broking team direct on:

t: 03 9097 6000


Economic and Market Observations 

Psychology of Investing

Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist reminds us… Why investors need to be aware of the psychology of investing.

His important key points we can't forget:

  • Investment markets are driven by more than just fundamentals. Investor psychology plays a huge role and helps explain why asset prices go through periodic booms and busts. 
  • The key for investors is to be aware of the role of investor psychology and its influence on their own thinking. The best defence is to be aware of past market cycles (so nothing comes as a surprise) and to avoid being sucked into booms and spat out during busts. If an investor is looking to trade, they should do so on a contrarian basis. This means accumulating when the crowd is panicking, lightening off when it is euphoric. 

For full rundown, please refer to article. 

Market and Economic Outlook: December Quarter

With 2022 behind us, it's now time to look at the new year ahead. Centrepoint have released a great summary of their insights into the first quarter of 2023:

Market and Economic Outlook: December Quarter


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